• nordic-pharma-management-team-vincent-leonhardt

    Vincent Leonhardt

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    Vincent Leonhardt brings 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. In 2009, Vincent Leonhardt joined Nordic Pharma as International Marketing Director…

  • nordic-pharma-management-team-anders-lofgren

    Anders Löfgren

    - by admin

    Anders Löfgren bring 32 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. He joined Nordic Pharma/Nordic Drugs in 1996 as Managing Director. He…

  • nordic-pharma-management-team-rafael-mella

    Rafael Mella

    - by admin

    Rafael Mella brings 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, of which 23 in executive roles. He joined Nordic Pharma in…

  • nordic-pharma-management-team-marion-ulmann

    Marion Ulmann

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    Marion Ulmann is the Vice President of Nordic Pharma Americas, Asia & Pacific. In this position she oversees the registration, development…

  • nordic-pharma-management-team-enrique-de-la-rubia

    Enrique de la Rubia

    - by admin

    Enrique de la Rubia has more than 17 years of experience in FMCG and Pharmaceutical Industry holding senior management and…

  • nordic-pharma-management-team-veronique-rebours-mory

    Véronique Rebours-Mory

    - by admin

    Véronique leads the Scientific Departments which include Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmaceutical and Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs. She also leads…

  • nordic-pharma-management-team-helene-wilson

    Helene Wilson

    - by admin

    Helene Wilson leads the Human Resources and Communication function at Nordic Pharma. Helene joined Nordic Pharma in June 2020, bringing…

  • nordic-pharma-management-team-pascale-poulain-arnaud

    Pascale Poulain-Arnaud

    - by admin

    Pascale Poulain-Arnaud brings more than 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. She joined Nordic Pharma in 2009 and since joining…