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We are a medium-size pharmaceutical company with an entrepreneurial spirit. As such, we promote change and encourage the development of new ideas. We create opportunities for personal and professional development.


  • In my role I am heading Medical Affairs, Clinical development, and Pharmacovigilance in Nordic Pharma. It is a very exciting role with a great level of diverse projects for which I have the pleasure to directly work with a great team of committed colleagues. Within our team we also work very closely with all other departments, like Marketing and Regulatory, and our affiliates, which gives me a broad scope of our business and the opportunity to learn from a lot of people. 

    At Nordic Pharma employees are trusted and are given ownership of projects. This part of our company culture I enjoy the most as we all feel accountable and want to perform at our best.

    We have a diverse range of products, including some niche hospital and orphan drugs, which have a huge impact in improving lives of patients. Of course, this gives me a great sense of pride to see that the outcome of what we do improves patients’ lives.

    Hamid Afzali
    Hamid AfzaliCorporate Medical Director
  • I have been working at Nordic Pharma for three years. This role has helped me thrive into a self-confident, autonomous and versatile legal advisor. Not only do I get to be surrounded with smart and competent people on a day-to-day basis, but I also get to collaborate with a great number of departments in different therapeutic areas. I feel proud working in a Company which, while focusing on improving patient needs, also leaves room and open doors to personal and professional development.

    Louise Ducoux
    Louise DucouxGroup Legal Advisor

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