About Nordic Pharma


About Nordic Pharma

Nordic Pharma is a privately owned, medium-size, marketing and sales Pharma company with a history of internal product development and acquisitions. We have established deep roots throughout Europe, and more recently, expanded outside of Europe, with increased partnerships worldwide.

Our Vision

We focus on the development and commercialization of specialty products, which include, but are not limited to, niche hospital and orphan products, to address unmet medical needs. Our expertise relies on the development and sales of our own products, but also on partner products acquired at various stages of development. Today, Nordic Pharma has a range of highly specialized proprietary and in-licensed products in the following therapeutic areas: Rheumatology, Ophthalmology,  Women’s Health and Critical Care (Anaesthesia, Haematology, Oncology).

Our driving force is about innovative and efficient products to fight diseases. We strive to bring solutions to specific unmet medical needs, contributing to improved patient care.


Our History

From start-up, to a well-established European company, to an international, fast-growing group : We bring over 25 years of expertise.

The Nordic Pharma story began in 1995 when the company was founded in Sweden and rapidly expanded its activities to Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. At the time, the portfolio was composed of licensed, branded generics, promoted as conventional medicinal products. Three years later, the company made a strategic U-turn, opting to position itself throughout Europe and to focus on technical, often niche, medicines and medical devices, generally for hospital use.

In 2001, Nordic Pharma extended its reach beyond Scandinavia, creating subsidiaries in France, followed closely by the UK. The group continued to establish itself throughout Europe as opportunities arose, buying products and signing license agreements and distribution contracts.

In 2010, Nordic Pharma bought Exelgyn, giving it the opportunity to expand into the field of women’s health, a therapeutic area in which it holds a leading position today.

Another key milestone for Nordic Pharma was the year 2019, as it marked the creation of the SEVER Life Sciences holding in the Netherlands that brings together four diverse but complementary companies, each with their own specialist focus.

Our Group

Nordic Pharma’s ambition is now to continue its growth by launching new products and finding partners where it is not yet present, further strengthening its position as a global pharma company.

We are pleased to have merged as of January 2023 with Draupnir Holdings Ltd which incorporates Altacor, ParaPharm Development & Transdermal. With this merger comes exciting opportunities to strengthen the business: combined talents and competencies, territorial expansion, and product portfolio development. We will continue to seek long term sustainable and profitable growth in our consolidated four main therapeutic areas: Rheumatology, Women’s Health, Ophthalmology and Critical Care.

In June 2023, Nordic Pharma successfully merged with Amring Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a fellow affiliate company of the SEVER Life Sciences group into its organisation. This strategic union reflects our ambition towards global growth, fortifying our footprint in the USA while simultaneously broadening our portfolio and enhancing our capabilities.

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